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No sound in WMP

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I have no sound in Windows Media Player, ver. 7.1. Haven't for a long time but thought I would try and fix it.
The WMP error message is: "Can't playback the audio stream. No audio hardware is available or the hardware is not responding."
Have downloaded and reinstalled it. No good.
All settings are at minimum.
It is not hardware as WimAmp plays .wmv, .avi, .mpeg files just fine, with sound, as does Quicktime with .mov. CD music plays fine.

Any ideas?

System info:
Operating System: Windows 98 (4.10)
Computer Make: Compaq Presario (1277)
Processor: 433 MHz AMD-K6
Memory: 196 MB (188 w/ 8 relegated to sound card)
Screen Resolution: 800 by 600
Web Browser: Firefox & IE6
Other Information:
ZA, AVG, VIA AC97, Compaq / Phoenix BIOS, HP 5510 All In One
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hey scudrunner,

what about upgrading or using an older version?
No Sound in Media Player

Thanks for the reply.
Interesting you should mention that.
Was chasing this thing through other sources and ended
up at the MS site for something I thought I may not have
Did the upgrade thing while I was there. One of them that
was listed was WMP 9.0. Thinking, OK, MS is suggesting it,
maybe this will solve the problem.
Downloaded it, and DX9 prior to that, again on their suggestion.
Open MP. Checked the version. Still 7.1 so it obviously didn't
take. (why they would scan my system, tell me to upgrade
to 9.0 and it doesn't work it beyond me.....)

Never thought about 'downgrading'.....
Acutally didn't know it could be done but will give it a try!
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