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No sound at all

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For like, 9-10 days ago I was surfing on the internet. I found a movieclip on a page. I couldn't play it unless I installed Quicktime. That was okay. I installed it and it did ask if I wanted to install Itunes too. Well. That was also okay of cause. I restarted my computer. Then I heard like 20 sec of a song in Itunes, but I found out that Windows Media Player was better. So I would play a song there. I could hear some of the song from my headset, but I would hear it from my speakers. I changed to my speakers, and when I had changed there did not come any sound. I tried change back to my headset. Still nothing.

I did:
Check my speaker if that could be because they couldn't play any sound from the radio. (they could).
Checked if they were placed in the right input. They were. Green to green.
Uninstall Itunes.
Uninstall WMP and install it again.
Test if they could play any sound from the internet. They couldn't.
Install/update RealTek.
Check if all volume settings were up. They were.
Go into all settings that I knew about.

I dont have Itunes or Quicktime anymore.

I dont know very much details about my computer.
Its a Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

So please give me all those options that you know I have.

(Hope you did understand what I did wrote. I'm from Denmark, so not the best at English)
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