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No signal to monitor...??

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One day I booted up my computer to a blank screen. Went through the obvious troubleshooting. Checked monitor cables, checked monitor on another desktop, reseated graphics card, even tried graphics card in another computer and the card works fine. Tried another graphics card in the original computer, nothing. It wouldn't even post. So I figured the PCI-E slot was bad on my mobo. Ordered another mobo, after installation, the computer boots up fine, I get in to my desktop, and start installing all of my equipment to the new mobo. I install all the drivers and give it a reboot to let the drivers kick in. When it reboots, the same problem all over again. It wont even post. I can hear the HD and ram working...but no signal no matter what I do.

Where should I start next?? Thanks
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do u hear a beep in the speakers
when u start computer
What components do you install?

When you bought the new motherboard and installed each of these new components, then the drivers and rebooted and it failed, what did you install?

Try removing each of these components, one at a time. Reboot after you remove each one and see if you POST.
No I don't even see the bios screen.

When I installed the mobo I reinstalled everything that goes on the mother board...processor, ram, front panel I/O stuff, heatsink , graphics card etc.
Well, it sounds like either mobo or psu failure, and since you changed mobos, that leaves psu.
Knowing what were working on generally proves helpful for us to offer knowledgeable advice.
PC Specs?
Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo(old & new)-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
I thought my specs were under my name. If you cant see them let me know and Ill post them.

If it is my processor wouldn't it still post?
Ok, update. One of my monitor extension cables went bad, so I can get signal from my onboard card, but not my PCI-E card. I have tested the card in another computer and it works fine. It booted up once before with my current setup. The card requires 2 PCI-E power hookups. Is it possible that the power supply is bad and not giving it enough power? If this is true...what voltages are supposed to be going to it so I can test. All the LED's on the card are lit up.

Old mobo was Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe, new mobo is MSI 785GT-E63
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