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Hello there, any help would be appreciated

Was using my computer about an hour ago, stopped to go shopping, and on returning a new RAM card I ordered had arrived, put it in but now no matter what I do I just get 'NO Signal'from my monitor.

Have checked the wires and it works with something else, the monitor that is. And the HDMI cable works on something else.

Computer is a asus Stormforce, model : 7200-5565/A

The original RAM I had is:
Product Circuit component Azure Font Electric blue

And the one I've tried to add is:
Azure Ring binder Font Rectangle Wood

Any1 able to let me know why this has happened, and why when I put it back to how it was before it still dosnt work?


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Since restoring the previous memory doesn't fix it, you have obviously affected something else. First step is to check all connections, reseat all boards, and see if that restores operation.
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