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Hello, not sure if HardfForum allows pc tech help but here goes.

The built-pc was running fine for the past one year. I was last working on a website (Wordpress with plugin) and got a "script not running, run or close" message because of a jquery conflict with something.

Shut down Firefox and then the monitor display went off. No Signal Detected. I rebooted PC but nothing showed up on the display.

Radeon 3850 HD videocard
ASUS LCD - connected to PC with DVI cable, and VGA with XBox.
2 sticks of ram (held in place)
160gb hard drive Western Digital
Win XP Pro

I opened up PC case to check if all hardwares are in place. CHECK.
Reseated the videocard. CHECK.
Used a VGA cable to test on other PC, No Signal Detected. CHECK

What other steps would you check to fix this problem? Thank you greatly in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.