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No OS?

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Hi... I'm Ktoe...

I recently purchased a used computer from a college and it came supposedly with no OS. I booted it up and found the only thing listed on it was the thing from dos. I type in the ver command and it claims it has 98 on it but it doesn't...Then I discovered I could play dos games on it. so does this thing have an OS or not?

Ktoe out
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They probably used the format c: /s command from a floppy to
format the drive which transfered the basic system files to
the hard drive.
It's not a complete operating system.
So any Idea how I would get windows installed on it? Because as it stands only low grade dos games work. Heck, I cannot even install the cd driver, so It won't let me install...
At the C: command prompt, type dir/p to see if there's a Windows folder. If not, you need to buy a Windows installation disk.
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