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No one seems to be able to figure this out, help!

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Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Type: Athlon 64 3400+
Processor Speed: (same as Frequency? if so) 2200Mhz
Operating System / Service Pack: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
System RAM: Physical Memory :1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
Video Card Manufacturer: ATI
Video Card :ATI Technologies Inc ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT AGP
Video Card RAM: 512 MB
Video Card Driver Version: Catalyst (not sure how to find what type)
Sound Card Manufacturer: SoundMAX
Sound Card Model: (not Sure how to find this)
Sound Card Driver Version: (Dk how to find)
Current Sound- SoundMAX Digital Audio.

Under display-
Main Driver- Ati2dvag.dll
Version- 6.14.0010.6719
date- 8/22/2007
Mini VDD- atimtag.sys
DDI version- 9 (or higher)

Sorry anyone who reads this, I’m not terribly computer savvy so I’m not sure how to locate some of the information, just tell me if I need to post any other information here. Thanks.

Problem- During gameplay at random intervals my game/computer will crash. It is typically during battle but has happened in town. It doesn't even seem like the game locks up, all that happens is my screen goes black I hear my computer go "click" and the system restarts. I have had this problem before and thought that it was related do to the overheating graphics card i had at the time. But recently I went out and bought a new card just to test this and it still happens. This issue has not happened on any other game, I tested CounterStike and World of Warcraft and both work flawlessly. I thought it might have been an overheating problem, partially because my old Radeon 9800 fried itself, but that was do to the fact the fan on the card failed, not poor circulation. I have downloaded a few programs to monitor heat and the typical temp on the processor (when I’m gaming) is around 52C and the mainboard temp is about 10 degrees cooler. The Graphics card temp is around 35C when I’m not gaming at around 45C when I am. I’m not exactly sure what the “safe” temp is, but one of the programs I have said it warns you if your computer is getting to hot. I THINK i have the latest driver. . .

Also on a side note- I was also considering that it might be a soundchip issue, do to an outdated driver or something. I have been looking around all day trying to find something or someone who can help me figure out how to check this and how to fix it.

Anyone have any ideas? I have been asking around for along time and so far no one has been able to figure out what it is. So if you manage to fix this, you are a god among men lol. I’m dieing to get this fixed. I really appreciate any ideas you can throw my way.

Thanks so much for any Ideas
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so your saying the pc restarts when you use it to play games?

what power supply do you have and what things do you have inside your machine. E.G hard drives/cd-roms/usb/fans/lighting/graphics card does it use a power cable etc
so your saying the pc restarts when you use it to play games?

what power supply do you have and what things do you have inside your machine. E.G hard drives/cd-roms/usb/fans/lighting/graphics card does it use a power cable etc

Well its not so much as "games" as it is "game" so far the only time other then when im playing NWN 2 MOTB was when i exited Counter Strike Source and it seemed to freeze then restarted. But that has only ever happaned Once.

Power Supply- DYNEX ATX12V Output Wats- 35W, +5v,3.3v: 210W (that is off the side of my power supply)

CD-Rom- Drive C: (Hard Disk) :120 GB available on 160 GB

Hard Disk
Number of Hard Disk- 1
General info- SMART: Version 1.1
Other Info- IDE channel- Master Drive
- Size: 160 GB
-Cache: 8.192 GB
-Hard Disk #1 :partition #1 (149 GB)

CD Rom Drive-Info
-IDE Channel: #2 Master drive
-Manufacturer- Sony
-Model- Sony RW DW-D22AReading CD-Rom :125x (22160 KB/s)
-Reading DVD-Rom :40x
Writing CD-R : 125x (22160 KB/s)
Writing CD-RW : 76x
Writing DVD-R : 26x
Writing DVD-RW : 12x
Writing DVD+R : 26x
Writing DVD+RW : 12x
Writing DVD+R DL : 8x

Physical Memory :1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2

Chassis Fan :2481 rpm
Processor Fan :3426 rpm
1st fan located at the front of my computer sucking air in
2nd fan is in the back blowing outward- Located about 5 inches higher then the 1st fan

(All that info I got off of PCWizard 2008)

Anything else i can give you?

And i appologise to the moderator- Honestly didn't realize this sight was well patrolled. The last 2 forums i was on it took a post on almost every thread to just get a responce of "nope dont know"
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i think it might be a power supply problem, try take out the power to your cd-rom (thats only if the game does not need the cd-rom) and take out any USB devices that are not being used, to save power, then try the game again see what happens
Hmm, well the CD rom drive is needed. And only USB thing I have hooked up is my Wired Mouse. My keyboard is the old standard type and im using headsets, not speakers. So i dont know what I could undo to reduce power intake.
does your screen have its own cable going to mains or does it come out of the power supply of the pc
The monitor is a 17 inch flat screen.
Features :
Maximum Resolution : 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
Horizontal frame rate : 30 - 83 kHz
Vertical frame rate : 56 - 75 Hz
Bandwidth : 140 MHz
It has a power cord that runs to the wall.
hmmm im out of ideas, at least i tried, sorry buddy. one last thing it might be a conflict like 16bit conflicting with 32bit desktop or vica versa. (thats just a shot in the dark, hope you figure it out ill keep checking when people respond to this post and hopefuly you can sort it out with the help of the guys here there great. i would also like to know whats causing that problem. keep well buddy
Thanks a bunch Stompiegsi, I really appreshiate you trying. Have a good one.
video=brand /series/agp/pcie
power supply
amps on the 12v+line=
video=brand /series/agp/pcie
power supply
amps on the 12v+line=
Motherboard- Asus K8N-E deluxe
CPU- Uhmmm same thing as processor? (sorry again im not terribly computer savvy) if so-AMD Athlon 64 3400+

Video Card- Radeon HD 2600 XT AGP
Power Supply- I listed above
Wattage- Uhmm i think i listed Wats/Amps above as well. If not could you please tell me how to find them?

uhmm- Power supply Info from side of the Case

Exact info from the power supply case

- Model : DX-PS350W Ac input- 115/230v-, 60/50Hz, 7/4A
Fan controlled ATX12v Power supply
DC Output Wats- 35W, +5v,3.3v: 210W
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Ok stom, the view ATM is that my 350w PSU is not cutting it. I need to upgrade. So good job at guessing what was wrong. Lol, lets just hope thats it
the amp output on the 12v+ line needs to be a minimum of 18amps
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