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No Longer Able to Connect

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Here are the details to my situation. I am running WinXP Home on my desktop machine. I have it connected to my wireless router using a trendnet PCI card wireless adapter. Up until earlier today it was running fine. Now it no longer connects.

This issue appeared after getting a pop up pdf website, which was weird and never happened to me before. My Comodo firewall gave me a warning that 28d.tmp and 28f.tmp were trying to access the internet through my Firefox connection, I thought that was weird so I denied access, now I no longer can connect. Figuring it was a virus I am currently running a complete virus scan. But before doing that I noticed that both 28d.tmp and 28f.tmp were running in my task manager so I ended both processes.

This is what I have already tried doing.
1) Restarted my computer
2) Used System Restore to go back to a previous working date
3) Reset tcp/ip
4) Ran ipconfig and got this message:
-media disconnected
5) Restarting modem/router
6) "Repair"ing wireless connection
-computer freezes on disabling wireless adapter
7) Disabling the wireless adapter in Device Manager
-computer freezes
8) Run in "Safe Mode"
-still no internet connection

I really don't want to reinstall WinXP if I don't have to, since I have a lot of other files on my system drive still (ran out of space on storage drive). Only other thing I can think of doing is trying winsockfix.exe, but need to go my a usb thumb drive first. No cd-burner on this notebook.

Forgot to mention, all the other computers connect fine to my wireless router, so it doesn't seem to be a router hardware issue. Also it is not showing that there are any available networks to connect to. Thanks for your time.
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I would DL hijack this and then post the log file in the hijack this Forum, sounds like you caught something ,
A quick update, the virus scan has finished and didn't pop up with anything. Virus scan used was Kaspersky 6 with definitions updated as of 6/7/08. At this point I'm a little hesitant to save any file onto a usb drive and plug it into my laptop. But I will give it a try.
Unless you actually execute a file from the USB drive, you are quite safe.
Johnwill, if you could please close this thread as I have started a new thread in the Hijackthis Help forum, thanks.
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