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No Internet

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I cannot connect to the internet and followed a few instructions from the advice of other threads to no avail and was hoping to get some additional specific advice. I recently reformatted my computer and I've tried to run ipconfig but only get the message Windows IP Configuration to show.

I've look into the device manager and my network adapter driver is there and up to date, but I am missing a few drivers because my DVD drive recently stopped working.

Here are the drivers that are missing under Other Devices:
Multimedia Audio Controller
Other PCI Bridge Device
PCI Memory Controller
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA compatible)

I'm running Windows XP Pro. I've tried resetting my IP and winsock and that does not do anything for me. I'm clueless, please help.
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You are missing a bunch of drivers, did you just reinstall your system?

The fact that IPCONFIG doesn't show anything tells us that Windows networking doesn't see any adapters.
What's the exact make/model of the machine. If this is a machine assembled from parts, we need to know the exact make/model of the motherboard and any network adapter.
All I find is a BIOS for that board. I'd check the chipset, maybe you can use the generic drivers from the chipset manufacturer.
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