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No Internet After Using ComboFix

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All right, so my computer is really messed up. Anything that I did to it what from what I read on other forums. I have no experience with computers, but I know my way around them. I just want to thank anyone in advance for helping me, I appreciate it :)

So first off I started with an annoying pop-up on my computer from, I think, Antivirus 2010 or Spyware Doctor. It was a fake virus alert message thing that tried to get me to buy their product. So I ran Malewarebytes' Antimalware and then SUPERantispyware. It detected a ton of crap on my computer, and I removed them and rebooted for both programs. The fake alerts were still there, and so I had to go into safe mode to delete them manually, because they wont remove in regular windows. That was successful, although...

When my computer booted back up, the taskbar next to the start icon on the bottom was gray instead of blue (like an old windows version) along with any window that I opened. Along with that problem I had no internet either. So I read about this and people said to run TDSSkiller and ComboFix. ComboFix is apparently a super dangerous program if used without supervision, but I was desperate after hours of trying to research and fix my problem. But when I downloaded the program, I forgot to save it to my desktop like everyone says, and I couldn't do the restore thing because I had no internet to download it.

So anyways, I ran TDSSkiller and ComboFix at the same time. TDSSkiller completed faster than ComboFix. My internet began to work and the old version of windows disappeared on my taskbar and windows. Since the ComboFix program was "dangerous" I decided to let it finish running. When it finished, I mindlessly deleted everything that it found (I did the same thing with CCleaner right after it). Stupid, I know. And when it finished, my internet stopped working again.

This time I just went into my network connections and just clicked repair connection, and it worked! I used the computer for that time, but then I put it into Stand By mode (like I always do). When I started my computer back up later that day, the internet was gone again. I tried t repair the internet connection, but it just stayed stuck on "renewing ip address." By the way, I use a Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SRX (Model No.: WMP54GX) and my network connection is called Wireless Internet Connection 5. But I don't think that my internet or the program is the problem, because every other computer in the house works perfectly. I think that when I ran ComboFix I deleted something that was part of my internet.

My computer has not been working for a week now. I have tried so many things already and put many hours into researching and trying to fix the darn thing! I ran CCleaner which just deleted a bunch of stuff, another program that might have caused this. I have already tried a program called WinSockFix, but it did nothing. I tried all the command prompt things that people suggested to do (like ipconfig, ip renew all, etc.) Nothing works for me and I just get error messages in the Command Prompt.

Now my computer is only booting up in safe mode. Something must really be wrong now. Please help me, this is second to last resort. Right before wiping my computer completely clean and reinstalling literally everything.
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Without having a preliminary set of logs run before using ComboFix and TDSSKiller, this may be a bit difficult to pin down.

I'll need to see the log(s) produced by ComboFix. You'll find the log located at C:\ComboFix.txt If you ran it more than once, I'll need to see the previous reports located at C:\Qoobox
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