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No History

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Hello All,

Just joined and find the site very informative.

I have a problem which seems pretty recent in that my laptop running Vista Home Premium has stopped remembering History.

It will keep the History whilst I work throughout a session but if I restart or turn off then restart my laptop, the History will have disappeared.

I use Firefox, but also have IE, and Google Chrome. I have checked with all three browsers and none of them retain my History.

Is this therefore a Microsoft problem?

I have my History settings set to 10 days.

Can anyone advise me of a fix to this? I have checked all the settings regarding History settings and they all seem normal.

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do you have any privacy protection software installed? do you have any other users on that computer who might be hiding their usage? do you regularly run any type of registry cleaner or programs similar to ccleaner?
Thanks for your reply.

I have sole use of my laptop, use CCleaner and have done for 18 months with absolutely no problems previously.

My other programs have stayed the same.

No alterations to my system at all.

They were all working fine and History just stopped being stored.
ccleaner will delete all history in all the browsers you mentioned. You may want to recheck your ccleaner settings.
- I recently uninstalled a 'trial' version of ClearAllToolbars' three days into a 15 day trial.
Had problems with that being too aggressive.
Uninstalled it (fully) two days ago.
I am fine with CCleaner and have been for 18 months. All settings as I want them.

I did a test today on all three browsers on various Internet Sites. I did not CCleaner or any program to eliminate History yet all the History disappeared on a restart.

Checked all the settings I am used to - all as normal.

It is NOT a CCleaner problem - my favourite program. Safe and reliable.
just because you ran something 18 months does not mean that some update may reset your settings. a recent update to ccleaner reset my settings so it was valid to ask you to recheck your settings EVEN though you had it for 18 months without any issues.

if you really did rechecked the settings of ccleaner and the different browser history deletion is not selected then maybe clearalltoolbars did not completely uninstall.

are you running any type of internet security software package like mcfees? nortons? trendmicro? other?
Thanks for your reply.

CCleaner is ok and all settings are as I normally have them. I know Piriform inside out and use three of their products.

As I said, I have used three browsers today and ALL History in them has not been stored on a restart. I have not touched or been near CCleaner.

I use Avast as my Antivirus. Again, a good program and no problems.

I have rechecked 'ClearAllTools' - their appear no 'remnants' remaining.

I stress this problem is only recent yet I use all my programs as normal.
There has been no major changes.

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Have you checked your privacy settings in IE? I do know if something is set in IE it'll control other browsers. It may have been accidentily checked to clear history when the browser is closed.
Thanks again.

Checked IE settings - even Google Chrome etc. Nothing obvious - all seem checked/unchecked as normal.

I am having to bookmark items just to make sure I can read them later. Annoying! lol

This seems apparent since I updated FF to 3.6.4 then 3.6.6.

Choice is to look to fix or uninstall FF then reinstall.

I tweaked with about:config on pipelining speed and QoS so maybe I should look there - but don't see why it would effect my History.

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