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No fan blowing

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Not sure if I'm using the proper terminology. Whether I want heat or air, nothing (no air) is coming out of the vents in my car, no matter how high I turn it up. I'm not sure were to begin troubleshooting. Thanks.
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No sound of the blower running? What kind of car is it? That'll give us an idea of how to assist you in troubleshooting it.
It's an old 94 Ford Escort. At first it was working on and off. Now it seems to have completely failed.
I really am not sure what to look for. What am I looking for under the hood? I'm familiar with a few of the major components.
I agree with dai...sounds like either a corroded connection or a bad ground...usually blower motors don't do the "come and go" thing. I can't recall if yours is under the dash or under the hood...find it, disconnect the wire going to it and check for power.
Thanks for the leads guys. I will check into it.
arrr, check out this that i plundered
yes it's a 95, but they are mostly identical.

they are discussing the fan sometimes not even being bad, and how it's the circut breaker occaisionally.

(irritates me, i thought i had an escort book, but i don't.)
Thanks for the great links. I just checked the circuit breaker and it's OK. It has been to cold for me to really look at everything else.
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