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Hello, I have had this problem for a while and just stumbled onto this site hoping it can help.

I recently upgraded my computer's graphics card and power supply so that I could get the full experience through games.
Upon getting my GTX 260, core 216 I put it into my computer and started playing. It worked great!.. for an hour.

While I was in the middle of a game, it froze. I shut it off and tried turning it back on, well it wouldn't turn on.

So I took the card out and gave it to a friend so he could try it, worked like a charm. I then tried a different monitor, nothing.
The PSU is fine, it's a 650w so I know that isn't a problem.

When I plugged my VGA cable into my integrated graphics on the motherboard, it works great, but if I plug into the integreated DVI, nothing.

I have flashed the bios, made sure the RAM was ok (by taking one out and seeing if it works), tested the PSU, I know everything is fine since i can run on VGA but I can't run on DVI!

My monitor has VGA and DVI cables.

Motherboard: M2N78-la
Proccessor: AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core
Graphics card: GTX 260 Core 216
PSU: Corsair 650w
Ram: 5gb RAM
Monitor: HP w1907 Wide LCD Monitor.

Please help! Thank you!
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