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No display

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Hello all,

My PC config:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4000+
Zotac Nvidia 9600GT GPU (512 MB)
Enterage Power 3 Gold 450W PSU
MSI MS-7327 MoBo
Windows 7 Ultimate x86

So I rebooted my computer only to find the monitor light blinking. No display. I can hear the CPU booting up (4 short beeps). The GPU fan also spins like normal.

Now here's the deal : When I connect my monitor to the on-board display card, I GET display. So we can rule out the issue being with the monitor.

I tried re-seating the GPU a couple of times, I cleaned it's ends, I tried using different VGA chords, different DVI adapters. Nothing works.

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It would appear to the a failed GPU if you have no problems when using the Onboard Graphics. Your PSU may have been a contributor also. We recommend a minimum 550W good quality PSU for any PCI-E GPU.
The weirdest thing happened today.

I've been using the onboard GPU since the last time i posted (There was some problem with the warranty of my nvidia card so i couldnt give it for repair) but all of a sudden the EXACT SAME PROBLEM occurred but with the ON-BOARD graphic card.

The display didn't come on on rebooting the computer.
Monitor LED indicator blinks.
Then I connect my video to the Nvidia card (trying my luck) and VOILA i get display !!!!!

So to summarize : My previously non-working Nvidia card started working all of a sudden whereas the onboard card stopped working with exactly the same problem that i had posted first.

Please can anyone help me solve this (weird) problem.
Same advice ^
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.