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No BIOS, no nothin'!

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:sigh: so I had a computer, a bit obsolete, that would have problems turning on. Not just booting Windows, (although sometimes it would freeze during boot cycle), but it wouldn't even get to BIOS, wouldn't even turn on my monitor. I thought it was my motherboard, so I replaced EVERYTHING. Got a new case, motherboard, chip, power supply, video card, RAM, and hard drive. So after I finally got all my info from my old slave drive to my new slave drive, i formatted my old slave and made it my master. Got everything set up just fine, installed a few progs, ran windows update, and turned off the comp. Now it's doing the same thing as my old comp! Please help!

System specs:
RAIDMAX Smilidon case
RAIDMAX Volcano 630w psu
Abit KN9S motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ processor
MAXTOR 120 GB hard drive (master) & 320 GB hard drive (slave)
NVidia GeForce 7300 GT graphics card
Kingston DDR2 RAM, 2 x 512 Mb
Windows XP, Version 2002

Any help would rule.

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try plugging it in to a different power point
check all the connections are securely plugged in and one has not come loose
reset the cmos
does the small light on the m/b glow
check it is not a faulty case button by touching the 2 pins the case button connects to on the m/b with a small screwdriver for a fraction of a second and see if it boots
reseat the ram
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