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No audio in Firefox or IE, I think flash issue.

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No audio in Firefox,IE,Chrome I think flash issue.

This is an odd one, So I updated to the new Firefox (my main browser).. last night it started crashing so I downloaded the new version again and no more crashes. I started up Firefox and went to Netflix and started watching some Battlestar Galatica. Well, it worked perfectly fine. This morning I go to youtube and start watching a video and no sound, so I do the normal checks..

Youtube volume (not muted)

Windows main volume (not muted turned up)

All of the mixers volumes (not muted and turned up)

All my music plays, all my movies plays and even the Netflix movies plays still.
Now, netflix doesn't use flash but Silverlight and it works 100% audio and such. So I'm thinking it's a flash thing.

I uninstall flash and reinstall the latest flash and still nothing, video but no audio. Everything is turned up, no mutes.. and Silverlight works.

I'm a bit boggled by it.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Solved my issue... after doing everything I could do with installing and uninstalling. I searched and searched and tried and tried stuff. I found this site.

Codec Guide: 10 fixes for sound problems in Flash videos

5.Run the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool. Near the top you should see an option to fix the sound (Midi, WaveOut). Select that and press Next. If the option is grayed out, then that particular registry fix is not needed. This fix will restore a missing "wavemapper" registry key.

did the trick!! it found 2-3 errors and removed them, now I'm back to watching and Listening to Cyst popping videos on youtube.

Now back to my Video card install (;_;)
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