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no access

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ok today i reinstalled windows xp on my computer, cause i had alot of garbage on my previous install, but before i started with fresh install i put all the files i wanted to have in the my documents folder. because with previous experience at reinstalling windows that folder never gets deleted..

but now. when i try to access the "my documents" folder i had before the new install it says i have no access?

like this

H:\Documents and settings\ehehe is not avalaible.

no access.

how do i access it?

i remember loong time ago someone told me to do like this in cmd
" at <time> <then something here> taskmgr then when it pops up i end the EXPLORER.EXE process and restart it again. that would grant me a hidden admin login but i forgot what to write before the taskmgr thingy..
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Try this:

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP
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