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I have a GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Rev.3 which has a Realtek ALC888 audio chipset. I have a modern 5.1 receiver hooked up to my MOBO via the SPDIF out jack.
I had the same setup under windows XP which worked perfectly.

Now I have Vista Ultimate 32-bit for which I installed the Realtek HD codec rev. 1.94 off of the Realtek website and the only tabs I have in the Realtek Control Panel are 'Digital Output' and 'Digital Input' when I select the 'Digital Device'. I do not have a 'Speakers' tab; and when I look at the Device Properties in Windows' Sound (Digital Output Device(SPDIF)), and different formats under the Advanced tab, I only see various qualities of 2 channel modes, no 5.1 or 6.1, etc.
I have sound, but it is only outputting in stereo.
Nowhere can I find options for speaker configs or surround sound.

Is the Vista version lacking something, or did I just mess up along the way?

Any idea would be much appreciated :)

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