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NFS Underground 1 help

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I have this NFS Underground that I bought a few days ago. It works just like a slide show. Only on some parts of the track, very few, does it run smoothly, like on drift tracks. Also many effects like neon and vinyls are just disabled. I think this is due to the world detail. I set it to 0, still it goes like a slide show.

My system goes like this..1.9 ghz processor, 256 RAM, 32 mb S3 ProSavage DDR, directx 9.0b. and a CD RW -DVD combo drive
I know it needs an upgrade badly but as I figured out NFSU1 would be the latest NFS game that could work in my comp. I don't have a permission to upgrade it so I was wondering if there is any way I can optimize the game or my comp to make it run smoothly, at least tolerable.
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The problem here is that you're trying to run the game on an onboard GPU. Onboard GPU's rarely work with games at all, and when they do work, they give hardly any perfromance. Unfortunately, you have only two real options:

1. Get a dedicated video card. (Best option, but you've said you can't upgrade.)
2. Turn the graphics settings all the way down and play it as best you can.
without upgrade there is no chance of getting to run it smoothly.
upgrading to a cheap dedicated video card would be the only way togo.
well then is there any softwares that I could use to transfer the graphics from the GPU to the software? Anything will do about software, I can manage to get them. Hardware is the big problem.
Unforunately, there's nothing you can do in that respect, but even if you could, it would only decrease performance even more. Your only real option is to upgrade, unfortunately.
well, thanks for the help
No worries. Sorry there isn't an easier solution.
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