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Newbie seeks "Inner Geek", can barely find Inbox

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Hi. I'm 50 years old and new to the world of personal computers and the Internet. I have only had a PC since March, 2006. Really! Had my nose stuck in books and theaters. Thought it was still 1918. Thought that a "connection" was something that happened on a dance floor, beach or mountain. Someone elbowed me in the head and informed me that the 20th Century ended... damn it. Then someone bought me a television. It's kinda neat... makes a good night-light. Gave up my own business of 17 years and had to get a job...Yikes! Had to get email to apply... lol.

Before most of you were born, I did graphic design with an Exacto knife, light table, waxer and rubylith... and worked as a fine typographer on an incredible dedicated computer system, before desktop publishing took over, but, it's now in a landfill somewhere. Leaving that, I never wanted to look into a screen again. I was a fool to avoid the PC Revolution and now I have completely embraced it and seek sites and mentors that will help me understand the lingo, programs, problems and keep my "New World" functioning. For instance... I am such a newbie that, other than knowing that I'm using Windows XP, I am unable to answer ANY of the questions in my profile's System Specs section with confidence that I know what I'm talking about. That's where I'm at.

Starting from scratch here. Can old dogs can learn new tricks? Hope so! Very glad that I have found you nice people. :pray:

Thanks, sawblog/Steve
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Welcome to TSF. I'm sure that an "old dog" will be able to learn plenty of new of new tricks:wink: Enjoy the forums:smile:
Hello, Steve, and welcome to the TSF family! Stick around, and you'll be surprised how many things you'll end up learning very soon!
Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad you could join us. :smile:
Hi, Welcome to the forum. Glad you could join us.
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
Hi sawblog,

Welcome to the best forum of this type on the net. Jump right in and enjoy your time with us.
Thanks to the Welcome Wagon... Now it's time to ask y'all some questions. I hope you are patient, 'cause I don't know a whozit from a whatzit.

:4-dontkno Steve
:wave: Hi
Welcome to this wonderful world of Computing, and welcome to TSF.
Yes !!! Old dogs can certainly learn new tricks. Have fun and enjoy:laugh:
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