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Newbie on the Forums

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Hello Folks.

It's nice to see that this forum exists, and that the people here want to help others. When I first started learning about computers, the big news was the Apple. I earned my Computer Science degree some 23 years ago, and used an IBM PC (first version) then later a Leading Edge Model M (which I still have!). Pretty dated.

I have never worked in data processing or Computer Science, but I do consider myself a reasonably capable computer geek. What I see nowdays though, is more and more complexity and interaction leading to system and/or software problems. I know that hardware developers, in particular motherboard engineers, seem to be in a great hurry to get their products on the market as fast as possible, and that is a serious source of problems.

Windows gets a lot of bad press, and I think that is largely due to the unbelieveable myriad of new products reaching consumers too quickly. I have heard IT professionals (tongue-in-cheek here) say that MS and others release their software to consumers for cheap beta-testing, and that may also be true. But a lot of the problems people experience (IMHO) are due to hardware issues. And the inability of MS or anyone else to test under all conditions.

Anyway, I am glad to be here, and am going to post problems I have and see what others think. I may even be able to put a few of my own pearls out there, but I won't unless I am sure!

Good work developing and maintaining this forum.

Regards, Jim Darrough
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Hello, Jim, and welcome to the TSF family! You're welcome to help wherever you think you can.
Hi Jim and welcome to the TSF family - glad you could join us. :smile:

Glad to have you on the forum. Jump right in and enjoy your time with us.
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
Hi Jim and welcome to TSF
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