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Newbie building a computer, needs guidance.

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This is my first time building my own computer. I finally decided to build my own because of the lack of upgradeablility of my retail computer. If someone would please look at my computer and tell me if everything is compatable and any other comments you have. Thanks alot for all you help and wisdom.
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Your motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot but PCI express slot which is excellent. Pick up a pci-xpress videocard. I wouldn't have a generic power supply also. Spend a little more for a good power supply. You won't regret that.
What about the HD ?

Thank you for the review. I currently have some harddrives in my current computer, which i am pretty much going to scrap. That way I don't have to buy another monitor, keyboard, speakers... all that jazz.
I am kind of pissed about the graphics card, I really liked that one. I will either find another graphics card, or I will find a mobo with AGP.

Also, I primarly use my computer for video editing, so let me know if you think this is a good system for that.
I was looking at different graphics cards and I really liked the radeon I had picked out. What do you guys think, should I go with a AGP mobo, or stick with the PCI SLI mobo and get a different graphics card. Which is better, or are they just different?
Definitely get a PCI-Express motherboard instead of an AGP motherboard. AGP is not obsolete yet but the future belongs to PCI-Express. PCI-Express is faster although that won't be important for quite a while. What is important is that all the future developments will appear for PCI-Express and only some of them will be converted for use on AGP. If it's ever possible that you will want to upgrade your video card in the future on this computer you should get PCI-Express. You can get all-in-wonder ATI cards for PCI-Express like this one. It's a little slower than the other one you linked but is otherwise very similar. But you could also get a plain video card and get a separate TV tuner card.

I wouldn't get an SLI motherboard unless you really intend to use it. SLI is strictly for hard-core gamers and in most cases I think it's better to stick with one video card. There are some limitations which make two cards running in parallel not as good as having one faster card. SLI motherboards are somewhat more expensive so you could put the savings into some other component from which you're more likely to benefit.
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