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New Wierd MSN Messenger Virus

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I came here to figure out a very anoying problem with my msn messenger.

Appearantly, someone sent me a link saying: "Hey check this out: ((a link about my email*))"

I clicked on the link and something got downloaded onto my computer. Appearently it was a chain virus on msn.

The file automatically moved itself from the downloaded folder and now my msn messenger says "Hey check this out: ((*))" to everyone thats on my list and online.

Nortons Antivirus 2005 completely screwwed up afterwards. It wouldnt run at all, and I'm being prevented to go to Norton's site.

Also, everytime I try to run msconfig to see if theres anything there....the window atomatically closes itself!!!

However, just before it closed i noticed 2 programs running with wierd chineese letters i think and 2 more named "dark". That same Dark file is in the task maneger in the processes tab....but even i close it...the effects still continue!!!

I'm completely lost!! How the hell do I get this out of my comp!!!!!?!?!?
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hey, one of the guys got this at work, and it took him forever to get rid of it. and it isn't new, he got it 2-3 months ago. but i can't remember everything he did either. but for starters, search for files that were modifiled from a couple minites before the worm got you till now and move them to a 'junk' folder and restart, if all looks well, delete them.
Yea I did that... however it doesnt seem to work. I've even looked through the entire hard drive for them. Nothing works. Isn't there like an antivirus program that can spot it?
try adware by lavasoft here . also spy bot search and detroy here .
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