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New website design!

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I just recently got my new custom website design done and I would like some feedback. Not much content as of now however I need to know what you guys think.


Next Generation Gaming
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They layout of the website looks very nice. I might change the color of the drop down menu but that would be about it.

On the homepage the image rotator is very slow as well as the website itself.

A few things could have caused this:
The website is not "Web Optimized" (image shrunk, included files, etc)
Scripts you are using.
Or the Server itself.

Overall i think the website looks excellent, kudos to whoever designed it.

edit: I would add a home link when you click your symbol in the top left :D
Yes the website it self is really slow mostly because I am in the process of paying the designer and he was kind enough to set me up on his home server with a home connection. Once I move it to a web host it will be much faster. The drop down menu color was suggested but I do not know what color to change it to. Any ideas?
give me a second and i will tell you how....

well im doing this think of some colors that you think would look better there.

at this stage in the game all these fine tweaks will drive you crazy so just stick with it.

use this for colors: Hex Hub HTML Color Codes: Hexadecimal codes for named colors used in HTML page features

Before i help you out, do you know how to ftp?
anyway here is how to edit the color:

Open style.css from the root of your site

find the line
#catmenu li li a, #catmenu li li a:link, #catmenu li li a:visited {
(ctrl+f) would be fast.
Once you find that look for the attribute "background"

change background:#A62F00; to whatever color you want.

to change the on hover color look at the next section down and once again find background
in this case its
to change text color just change the "color" attribute.
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Changed tell me how that looks. I just picked a random color
Even just the gray i like better, i would try a darker color gray if that's what your after.

play around with colors until you get something YOU like.

I suggest using the colors found in your header. if you're using Firefox there is a great addon to help you snag that color here:

It looks like the designer tried to use the orange but may not have gotten quite the right combination.

I would see if you can somehow integrate that orange in the menu.
Will do. Thanks!

This could just be me but the coding for this template is very clean

Couple more questions. How would I go about linking the current header?
I would have to agree, keep in mind the css file you are editing just defines everything on the site.

the site code is created by the CMS, in this case i believe wordpress so the code there is messy.

Overall i think the theme is very professional and well built.
I edited my post and I do not know if you saw my last question.

"How would I go about linking the current header?"
I am not entirely sure.

Please keep in mind all my suggestions are suggestions. If you don't want the link there it is your decision.

also. i would go back to the menu how you had it when you first edited it (gray w/ black hover)

I liked it more then the current :)
Good thing I saved that color. Please suggestions I love them. I have had my main banner link on all my other sites but since I started using CMS I never knew how.
Just spoke to my designer. He is going to go ahead and add an anchor tag in so the banner links to the home page. Also I edited the CSS file again and removed the border which appeared around all images on the site.

Any other suggestions are welcome~!
I think the design is great. definitely professional quality

I would say the image proportions are a little big
also, its common to, instead of having a "home" button to make the sites main logo link to the home area.
shrink the top graphics some and I could get a better impression of the site's content and it will have a better impact imo.

again, i really like the style of this site... you and your designer are doing great work.
I will take the shrinking of graphics in to consideration. The site will look better once the tweaking is finished and all content is added.
New Design more feedback!

I posted several weeks ago about a new custom design I was having made and got some great feedback. I have updated a decent amount of content and moved it to my hosting server. I am asking for more feedback on the actual site and the current content that is in place.

I am particular proud of this page:
Services : Next Generation Gaming

Mostly because I used some simple javascript(click order now)

Also their are some bugs that I know of already so if it is extremely obvious please do not mention it. Other then that all is welcome. Harsh feedback also!

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Quote from How to Design Your Own Website
The web design process I use goes like this:

  1. Determine the site purpose.
  2. Plan how the design will work.
  3. Start designing the site on paper or in a graphics tool.
  4. Create the site content.
  5. Begin building the site with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools.
  6. Test the site as I go and when I think I’m finished.
  7. Upload the site to a hosting provider and test again.
  8. Market and promote my site to get new visitors to it.
i hope shared information have help to you.
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