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New Virus--Panda Virus?

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I am a newbie, but my anti-virus just caught a new virus--Panda Virus, and eliminated it from the infected email.
Can anyone give additional information about this new virus.
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hmm Iv never heard of it ... theres a Panda Anti-virus scanner out there but as far as the virus being named after the company I don't know...

Its not on any lists Iv seen and I couldn't find it on Nortan or McAfee...
The tech is in

Sorry, but maybe I misread the page and our company has Panda Anti-Virus software (I am not sure) that found a virus and alerted me to it, but thanks for your comments.
what was the virus???
It is called Windows.....LOL (could not resist)
:thtsbad: :rolling: :rolling:
It is called Windows.....LOL (could not resist)
hehe... windoze somtimes gives me more headache more than some of the viruses & trojans out sad... :no:

what you had there was a Trojan sometimes know as Delwin.B. It basically tries to delete stuff in your C:/Windows .It tries to get to WIN.INI and WIN.COM first so Windoze cant start...when you try to reboot or hit CTRL : ALT : DEL it proceeds to wipe out everything else...fortunately, due to the bad design of deployment scheme for this trojan, it doesnt do much most of the time and is wiped out by antivirus way before it runs( thats if you have antivirus)..

Have any more q's just PM me or sumthin....

peace :wavey:
Hey Mel....

Where is that posted??? Just wondering cause it sounds like a nasty one ...would like ot know more about it and the signs and symptoms of it!!!
Hey Doonz...
I read up on Delwin.B after one of the ppl. at one of the sites we support kept repeatedly getting email with some annoying msg about was stripped before it reached the mailbox..log showed that a zip file was attached to the email and besides containing "Delwin" it had some garbage files...I dont know if that was just some stoopid azz trying to send us a virus hoping that it would fall through cracks and someone would actually open it or what... but it was annoying dough :upset:
.. maybe I should of explained it in previous 2 posts that Panda might not actually be the name of the virus..just one of the things we came across when we were dealing with 'pollogies... :tongue2:

No need for apologies...just looking out for the nasties out there!!!


Welcome to the boards btw...from a fellow IT outsouring department
glad to be here... :D

hey, I like ur avatar..always wanted one of those... :evlwnk: now have the points...change away...make it something good so I didnt waste my points:winkgrin:

Stich could use a buddy....ever since sully (valiant2003) left him!!
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