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New User with Cool Info!!

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Hello Everyone,
I am very glad to become one of your buddy. I am a very friendly person. Right now, I don't have any questions right now as a beginner. However, I have a cool computer web site for all of you to look around. I have got this url from my friend. Here it is: [edit TheTechIsIn -- Link Removed] See you later.
Enjoy Surfing!
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So is this your website you have linked to your profile or someone's website you know? Just wondering was wanting to compare your prices to mine. Anyway welcome to TSF.
Welcome to the forums,

Glad to have you here -- however, until I am proven wrong I tend to view members that post only once and include a weblink in that post as a spammer. So if your not sorry, but Im just a mean old moderator :D. So I have removed the link from your post, you can put a link in your sig. but lets not post weblinks that dont help anyone out until your a little more established. :D
I agree with you Tech that's the idea I got. I will be honest I viewed the site before you removed the link and was NOT impressed with it. If I'm wrong with my first impression I'm sorry but I've seen alot different ways to spam and that's what I thought it was.:no: :rolleyes:
Welcome to the forums. If you wish to advertise your website we do have a wonderful advertisemnet section. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Well ... the subject line should have been a major clue! :angel:
That was the first thing that came to mind with me.
We're going off course on this one ... Its about welcoming our happy spammer. :D

Anyway welcome from all.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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