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new to web design

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I am new to web design and seeking for opinions on how to obtain some real practical works from online to stronger my skills ? I am trying to do html and CSS and will do JavaScript in the future.

Thanks for any help.
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I see that no one replied to this thread?

It all depends on what you want to learn, whether it be PHP, HTML or CSS. If you are designing the backend of a website then you need PHP, frontend is HTML and CSS.

Nettus+ is very good, they offer free tutorials on web design starting with the basics.
I would also recommend W3Schools, same kind of stuff but they walk you through each step slowly and offer you examples.

W3Schools was very helpful, especially showing you what is possible with CSS & all the vairable options.

I would recommend working out what you want to be able to create & then searching for tutorials online.


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W3 School
Watch related Youtube videos too. I personally think, videos need less concentration than books.
I'd agree with the other users. The standard for most if not all new web developers is to use W3Schools to learn the basics, you could then also take a look at books but they tend to be obselete before they're published. Tutorial websites are very good and of course video sites also work a charm. will get you started and is a brilliant resource.
Thanks for all of the suggestion, i have another question regarding Java Script , i am trying to add some effect ' fade ' for my slide show but i don't know how to do that, please help. The following is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
//-- hide from old browser
var slidelogo=new Array("images/slideshow/d1.jpg","images/slideshow/d2.jpg","images/slideshow/d3.jpg","images/slideshow/d4.jpg")

function rotate(){
if (document.images){
if (document.slide.complete){
if (a==slideCt){
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Hi, you have to use the css "opacity" attributes. I'd suggest making a function that loops 10 times, changing the opacity between 0-100% (in 10% increments)... That's how most do it.

Jamey :smile:
I agree that W3schools is a great place to start as a beginner. There are lots of resources out there for free . Bookmark any resource you can find that offers information, even if it's just a little bit.

I would recommend you buy a reference book based on HTML and CSS if you have a laptop and travel a lot, they are good for practicing while there is no internet connection available.

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Thanks, how can i add the function SetOpacity(value) to the above Java script ?
You can watch the videos in you tube and other different websites.Also there are different forums like digital media,v7n and many more websites publish quality articles on website design.You can learn about any platform of web design.
I think that for starters, you have to go with a simple html implementation first. Though with the relatively newer advancements, you can even do it with drag and drop which defeats the purpose of learning how to code it say in notepad. Though that would be easy, it is still best to know how it works per line of code rather than rely on computer generated lines. Then jump to php.
I think this is a great online tutorial.

CSS Tutorial
Introduction to HTML

This is the most useful and well-explained with examples.
Thanks. I am new to CSS too and having trouble getting my brain to keep it all straight. I will watch that.
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