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New to the forum. And a question to everyone...

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:vampire:Hi, I'm new to these forums and was wondering... I'm in year 10 at school and I'm going to colledge to study graphic design and web-design, I dont know much about web-design yet (They'll teah me) but I'm creating a web-site. I've been trying to find a couple of HTML codes that I want to try out on my site, I've searched the web for a while and all the HTML codes I try never seem to work. If someone on here is a HTML genious will you please PM me or e-mail me: :vampire: My E-mail :vampire:

:vampire:My Site... My Eden :vampire:
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Devil...Welcome ot the fourms...

If you site is any indacation your going to fit right in....

What is it you looking for exactly....have you check out

give me more specific wants and Ill see what I can return with..
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Hey Dev welcome to the nut farm, Im shanna and Im the niciest, sweetest, even tempered , person here at the TSF. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

As for you others mums the word.LOL:shhhh!:

Thanks for the sites. The first thing I need help with is a HTML Popup Password... I've tried to do passwords before but none of them work... I have a special site for my HTML Test Codes PDAD, the Password's are on custom page 1. I havce tried one popup password before but it didn't work. Could you help me with this problem? Thanks.
Hi PheonixDevil welcome to TSF. As for the HTML codes you should send Sealy a private message. She is awsome with HTML codes and can answer about any question you may have. I would ask her. Now as for Shanna she's a sweetie isn't she.
:love: Hey Sweetie. Sorry anyway welcome aboard.

Thanks... Now how to send PM's :D LOL. I'll find out :D
You can click where it says private messages and then click where it says new message. Type her name Sealy and your off. She'll be back on alittle later today and will reply when she gets it. Good Luck!
Don''t you dare listen to Shanna ,,,,:tongue2: Beware of Drupy and watch Dj Specs ;)
Seriously, this is a great group and we have lots of fun and most everyone is really really sweet . Oh and then there's Midnight Tech... :smooch: He's my Knight in Shining Armor :)

Have fun and I'm sure you'll fit right in here, and need any more HTML help, just let me know!!
welcome PheonixDevil....You're gonna have fun here, guaranteed!!!! :D :D :D

Thanks... By the way, I'm a kinda kool computer guy, mainly games. So if anyone wants to know about a certain game or want's hints/FAQ's on any game on any console then I'll be happy to provide you with them. I know I'll be a member of this forum for a long time. :D Thanks guys 'n' gals.
Oh and is there a FAQ around here on how to work the forum??? I'm used to another forum that has different properties. (Found it :D )

Hey PheonixDevil whats up? I'm just having a BBQ.. Mmmmm BBQ'ed frontal brain lobe...
Welcome. I hope you enjoy it here. It's a fun place.

Way cool smileys. Did you make those? I haven't seen ones like that before.
Where do you guys get those Kewl Smilies?

I want some *pouts*



at the bottom of the smiles you should see...

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click the get you go
Welcome PheonixDevil............................:winkgrin:
Welcome Phoenix! Yes my princess is quite talented with HTML!:smooch: :love: :flowers:
Wow... Danrak, Drupy, now Midnight.. this is a trend!
DJ Specs said:
Wow... Danrak, Drupy, now Midnight.. this is a trend!
We just gotta find you one DJ!:D
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