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New to laptops

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Hello all, I am looking to get a laptop that can perform multiple functions for me.

Firstly, I am going off to college, and am looking for a good laptop to take notes on, compared to writing everything down.
Secondly, I like to game, so I would appreciate good graphics, and the ability to play without lag
1. Budget: 850 Dollars

2. Screen: 17 inch at least, and widescreen is preferable.

3. Brands: I dont really know if there are any bad brands for laptops, though for desktops I've never had a good Dell, or herd of one.

4. Mobility: Honestly I do not know, but at the moment, I have at least 30 min between every college class in my schedule, and no class is more then an hour or two

5. Durability: I would prefer something that wont break easily.

6. Multitasking: I frequently use The internet, Music playing applications such as frostwire, and play games at the same time, in some combination. On the internet I commonly have 2-3 tabs open at least.

7. Gaming: Mostly Age Of Empires and World of Warcraft (which will be getting some graphical updates in the new expansion, though its in beta so there are no min reqs out yet). I may get the new Fallout as well.

8. Calculations: I don't expect to.

9. Storage: Like a Hard Drive? My PC is 275GB Hard Drive and I'm running low, so I would say probably around 300 gigabites at least.

10. Optical Media: No.

11. Operating System: I like Vista for its easy use, and general simplicity. I would prefer to get windows 7 though, as my friends give good news about it, and I don't expect many problems with it that are not easily fixed.

12. Location: United States, New York
Additional questions:
-I have a USB mouse, can I plug that into any USB port and it will work with the laptop? I hate touchpads.

-On external Hardrives, I have seen 1 Terabite ones being sold on tigerdirect for about 80 bucks. This sounds good, but is there any bad news to external hardrives I should know about?
Link to the item:

-I have been looking around on tigerdirect, and believe I found a decent one, but am not sure. It is marked down to a low price because it is refurbished and has high ratings, though generally vague reviews praising it.

Tiger Direct Link:

Is this as good of a deal as it sounds?
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1. These suggested based on hardware performance. Other details are to your discretion.

Acer Aspire <-- Better GPU - 17.3" - 320GB - $719.99
Acer Aspire <-- Better CPU - 15.6" - 500GB - $769.99

With the difference in CPU being quite minimal, I'd go with the first one. These are only examples. You can keep looking, but be sure and get something more this calibur if you're spending well over $500. Don't go getting an integrated GPU, if anything.

2. 17 inch atleast? Again, the first one. :)

3. Well, it's hard to say there is "bad" brands, just less reliable or less renowned. I personally would go for ASUS, Toshiba or Acer before anything else.

4. I would consider "mobility" to be how easy it is to "lug" around. Being light weight can depend on battery size. Smaller battery = less battery life. It seems more like you're addressing battery life, though. Maybe I do not know... :)

5. It's hard to say. Do you think you're going to be dropping your laptop a lot, or something? Or are you talking about those "flimsy" laptops? Either way, you should expect quality from reliable brands. When you get down to it though, it depend on the design of the particular model. Reading reviews is the best way to find out for sure.

6. The new Core i processors are multi-taskers, indeed. They are all capable of running 4 threads.

7. Anyone that wants a laptop and intends on playing games should not settle for an integrated GPU.

8. .....?

9. I would go with less than a 320GB, either.

10. Optical Media: Yes (I like to be different)

11. Windows 7 = Vista working properly

12. Hello from Wisconsin!
Additional questions:

- Yes.

- Only bad news there is that you'll be leaving that particular one at home. 3.5" desktop HDD in an external enclosure will likely need it's own power (i.e. It'll have to be plugged into an AC outlet).

- I wouldn't call it a deal. It's about an appropriate price.
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