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Alright since people seem to be pretty helpful and knowledgeable on this site I thought it'd be a good idea to post the components I want to get for my new system before I throw down the money to actually get them. I plan on using this system for high-end gaming, vids, music, that kind of thing... so it's got to be a decent system. BUT I'm on a pretty strict budget and I'm hoping to keep this under or around $1000. The prices are all from I know I can probably find each component slightly cheaper at a number of different sites, but I wanted to get them all at once to save on shipping.

CASE. looks good (IMO), well ventilated, and relatively inexpensive at $69

VIDEO. need something good for gaming, yet affordable. $320

MOBO. I like the 4 mem slots, nvidia 4 chipset, and has a great onboard sound card. good price too at $179 considering I wont need an additional sound card.

CPU. Good speed, decent price, and has Fan. Always had AMD, no need to switch now. $239 E

MEMORY. I like corsair, and I already have one of these, so this one will make 1gig of RAM $49

POWER. 500w should be more than enough. And I like the look. Also has rebate if I ever remember to do it (which I wont). $59 (before rebate).

Ok, so thats what I'm thinking. The total after tax/shipping is $965.78 which will leave me some room to get another HDD (like a smaller 10k RPM to boot from. none I like on tigerdirect though)

Any compatability probs? any suggestions? comments?

My first build, and I haven't bought any of this yet... just what im planning on.
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thx tumbleweed,

The power supply there actually Is a 500w, are you saying its just not a good brand?

And the memory I have in my system now is actually the exact same as the one I have listed, same make/model/size, so shouldn't have any compatability issues there.

Ill go check out those sites now, thanks for the tip. still 3 things I need that I didnt see on tiger: HDD, Floppy, and optical drive. none of these i NEED to upgrade (so I may not get them right away), but I actually just want the colors of the floppy/opt drive to match the case. even though there's a door covering them. im anal like that. :laugh:
wow. the cpu was $20 cheaper on zipzoomfly and the mobo was $10 cheaper. with that extra $30 Ill have no problem getting a better PS. And I haven't even looked at the other components. Thanks for the info. A lot.

And thanks for that Great analogy about tractors! (it actually made sense to me) :smile:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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