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New System

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A friend of mine just bought a system from a friend of his. It is a AMD Athlon 1800+ and he is using a GeForce 4 MX card and he says that everything works fine until he loads up 2 games (Medal Of Honor & Return To Castle Wolfenstien) then the machine locks up after playing for about 10 minutes. But, it dont lock up on anything else. I asked him if he tried any other graphix games and he said no.
I also told him that I wasn't real fond of the MX cards. I know some people have good luck with them but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and most of the MX cards I have seen have problems once in awhile especially with highly graphical games like that.

Oh and by the way he is using Windows XP and he says he has downloaded all the latest drivers for XP and the det. drivers for the card.

I'm not real sure of what to tell him.

I told him that he should try other games too and he should try a different card to see if it happens with it before he spends money on a new card.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have for him,

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This has been on here for 3 days and no response. Hmmmmmm! I guess everyone is as stumped as I am. For some reason my friend seems to think the problem is related to the HD going south.

I will let everyone know what he finds out,

Well I don't play games on the computer so I don't know what to tell you!

In my opinion that's what PlayStations and those types of things are for.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who has a 27" TV hanging on the wall just to his right. And he still has to have a TV card in his computer to watch TV...............:confused:

But hey to each's own I guess.......:winking:
Have you tried using the patch for Wolfenstein?
Yea SpeedO I know. I really don't play much games myself. Only I do play Diablo 2 now and then, mostly then. Maybe like once in a great while. I have better thingst to do with my computer. I feel just like you if I wanted to play games it would be much cheaper to buy a PS2 or Xbox. But, like you said, each to their own. He asked me and I, like you, dont know that much about the gaming world, so thought I would ask.

Danrak, yea he said he did, so guess were out of luck there too.

Thanks for your help, I guess we all cant be kids anymore huh?

I like to play games. Don't get the chance very often. But when I go to Disney, I go to Disney Quest. 5 stories of arcades. I belive $30 to get in all games are free except prize games.

Anyway, back to the subject. I was talking to someone, they said they had wolfenstien lock up on them until they updated the drivers for the video card. I'm sure you have tried that though. I searched through there site, but couldn't find anything. Sorry.
No problem!!!!!!!!

I tried to tell him, but he just won't listen. So, like a good little friend I am going to back off, enjoy my puter, which is working nicely, and let him wallow in his own crap. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way that other people just might have a clue to what is going on. But, then again, I am no expert either.

All those games at Disney sounds like a blast. If I ever get to go I will have to try that out. Thanks for the info. Wow!!!!!!!!!

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