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New rig: will this support Diablo III with little lag? (noob)

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hey i saw this build,2845,2346482,00.asp
basically its a cheap computer that will run well apparently
but what I'm wondering is if this computer will run the new Diablo III comfortably, that being why I'm updating.
how well would this run on WoW?
also is there any changed i can make to this build without racking up the bill too much?
any help is very much appreciated :D

"CPU AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition
Motherboard Foxconn A7GM-S 2.0
Memory Crucial 2x1GB DDR2-800
Graphics Radeon HD 4770
Hard drive Seagate 7200.11 160GB
Optical Drive Sony Optiarc AD-7200S
Case Cooler Master 534
Power Supply Cooler Master 460 (included with case)"
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Going by what the dev team say your specs should be more than enough by a long way.

Jay Wilson: "Currently we have no plans for specific DirectX 10 support. Right now are running a DirectX 9, and we run on a pretty broad range of systems, really fast. Overall, across-the-board Blizzard's goal is that all of our games support a broad range of systems. We don't jump up the system specs in any grand way. We have no intentions of being a high-end game, and certainly no intentions of being an exclusive DirectX 10 game at this time...

We don't exactly know what the system specs are yet, but we'll try to keep them pretty low. We make a lot of decisions about what we do and do not put into our graphics, in order to keep the game running fast. One of the reasons why we talk a lot about art style, and how we focus a lot on art style, stylization of art over... when we do that it allows us to have a good looking game about falling back on technology, our technology does not have to carry us when we have such great art in the game."

Not even planning on Direct10 which is a pretty good sign it will be lower spec game. Things can always change of course but they are in the business of getting to as many people as possible, so they will want to keep the requirements down.

Oh and that link you provided doesn't work for me, so i'm assuming the specs in your post are the same build you're talking about.
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thank you very much.
this information is very much appreciated!
i cant wait for diablo III and i think it was about time i upgraded having a only this oldschool acer veriton almost completely standard setup.
I would swap out the power supply for a good quality 550w unit.
See the power supply sticky link in my signature.
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