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New power supply doesn't boot

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I got a new power supply and installed it in my computer. When I tried booting, all of the fans turned on but nothing else did. It sounded like the drives were spinning up, but there were no beeps or the computer didn't boot into Windows. When I tried my old power supply, it booted again just fine, but tried the new one and it didn't. I got the new power supply for my new video card, but it didn't boot up with the new video card or the old one.

This is my new power supply, an Enermax 400W with 2 12v rails at 20a. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I'll try just about any suggestions. Thanks!
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Try re-seating all the board power connections, and make sure you're either using the 24 pin connector, or 20 + 4 for the cpu.
I have double-triple checked all of the power connections. I removed all of my RAM and it didn't beep or anything of the sort. I pulled out all the connections in the back (input devices like keyboard and mouse etc.) and nothing.
what are the sysytem specs you are running

Are you certain that you didn't move the 120/240 volt switch on back while installing and have the off/on switch on back turned on properly?
I looked all over the power supply, and I found no 120/240 volt switch. I checked everywhere, as a friend suggested to look there too.

Picture Link

One thing I did notice was on the 20-pin connector, #18 according to the manual, has no metal contact or whatever it is. It's blank according to the manual, but my old power supply had a contact so I thought I'd take a picture and inquire on here. Is it something I should be concerned about or should I just dismiss it?

Aforementioned PS
Chaintech SPT800 Mobo
Gigaram 2x512 DDR PC3200 RAM
XFX Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 128Mb (I think) AGP video card OR BFG Nvidia Geforce 7600GS OC 512Mb AGP video card
Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor
Maxtor 80Gb 7200rpm IDE HDD
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pin number 18 is the negative 5V, modern computers don't use this and some psu manufactuers eliminated it.

This is pure speculation but in looking at the picture this psu may have been used, look it over carefully for any signs that it may have been installed and retured before.

In any event I would rma it, with the system working with the old psu suggests this one is bad, sorry and enermax usually makes very good psu's
In any event I would rma it, with the system working with the old psu suggests this one is bad, sorry and enermax usually makes very good psu's
I agree on this one, because it sounds like it is time to look at a RMA. Enermax has always been a very solid and strong supply as Doby mentioned. However, if you read some of the recent reviews in the past six months, ,they are having some great difficulties with DOA and short term failures in their supplies for some odd reason.

The power supply team is evaluating that very thing right now to see if we want to continue recommending their power supplies because of this same issue. We won't know for a bit, but you might check later.....for now, RMA and see if you can get one that works. If you can get one that is good, they are an excellent supply.
Alright, as much as I didn't want to if it's the best option then I'll have to take it. What would be the reason, DOA? Defective/Failure?
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