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New pc documentation.....

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I have just bought a new pc, it was a good deal post hols from PCW. I would like to know (in UK) where I stand re documentation and support.
The pc came with absolutely no paperwork save a very slim book about Ms Meadia which is not relavent to this machine anyway. The only disc is a copy of Ms Works which I do not need.
I needed to investigate networking another pc and at one point this new one said "please insert the supplied XP disc". Well, I can't 'cos it wasn't.
Also as anyone who has had a pc for more than a day knows, the first time a printer or any other bolt on goodie sneezes the Beast tells you to "consult the documentation supplied with your machine"!
I had assumed (and hoped!) that all these problems were behind me having forked out for a kosher machine and os but it seems not.
Do you think I could press PCWorld to at least supply an XP disc?
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You could try. But most likely they will buy them in and sell them again. Not make them themselves.
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Hi carsey,
Not sure what you mean. I do not mind where the disc comes from I just get told by the pc to put one in to retreive data that did'nt get set up originally(I suppose?).
I have many years experience in retail electronics and if they should have given me a disc I shall press them!
Many new PCs dont come with a XP disc. I have seen companies like Dell making you pay and extra £5 just for system documentation that comes free with the PC. Its stupid. It depends who your PC is made by. Some offer it, some dont...fortunately our manufacturer was kind enough to supply it.
pc docs

Ah so!
I would not mind paying £5/10 to get a disc. I am not trying to rip the os you understand, I have a win98se disc which helped back then but you cannot instal 98 from it, this would be fine.
Being semi-retired I might have a crack at this, after all, if you bought a new dvd/tv/avcentre... you'd be pretty miffed not to say bloody lost without the books!
Many thanks
Hi ecc83,

I recommend that you contact the retailer directly, perhaps there has been an oversight.
Ask them where the books/CD's are for your machine.


Dave. :wave:
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