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New motherboard kills my Win XP boot!

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I recently experienced some trouble of when I bought a new motherboard/cpu (Abit KR7A w/ XP1800+ VIA266A) and dropped it in, thinking XP Pro OS would boot just fine.. I get the infamous XP Blue Stop screen every time, safe mode or not. I think the ide drivers for the new MBD may not be properly to recognize the new hardware? (I havent installed the VIA 4in1 deal, I dont know if XP still thinks I am using my Intel 815 chipset) though when I attempt safe mode it checks several system files located on the HD...
Do I do a "in place" install to recognize the new HD ware?
I noticed that the blue stop screen appears before the colorful "WindowsXP loading" screen.
Does windows have some hold to prevent hardware change? someone mentioned the registration hardware change limit... to what extent would windows prevent boot, and what do I do!?!?
I really appreciate any help, you have done so before thru and I thank you!

Robert C
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Okay... I am just one opinion, but I think an in place reinstall has it's ups and downs.... the ups is it'll probably fix the problem, the downs is all of your old hardware will still be in there causing trouble. So you can get some other opinions/ideas on that one. But as shifty as Microshaft can be I doubt they'd blue screen you for changing your hardware... It'd most likely be a message of some sort telling you to contact them, and mentioning that piracy is illegal ( gotta love M$) But, you never really know with these things...... One question though.... did you register with Microsoft? Because if so then it very well maybe the new hardware detection and their interlinked paranoia software stopping you from booting. Once again I doubt they'd use a blue screen though.... serious lack of professionalism, they'd take alot of crap for that, plus it's seriously confuse the average user who isn't aware of their paranoia software.
Hello and welcome to the board,

What does the blue screen say?, (as best you could remember) Does it make any mention to a Boot Sector or Boot error of any kind? If not still let me know exactly what the message says.
motherboard -> xp boot death

Thanks for your replies,

As best I can remember, the stop screen was as follows:

STOP: 0x0000007b : (00100sd0f0, 0e420000fs0... etc etc etc)

The first one, 0x0000007b is the one I can remember for sure.
A Microsoft tech notice stated something about when installing a new motherboard the OS must be reinstalled. It mentioned an embedded IDE controller that has a different chipset than the original causing the infamous STOP 0x0000007B message.

Downside is, all attempts at creating an XP boot disk (I upgraded from 98SE) have failed. Microsoft need 6 diskettes for setup!

Will try tonight to clarify this with some different boot diskette options.

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