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New Mobo wont power up!!

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I've just purchased an MSI PM8M-VH motherboard and fitted it into my case. I had a fully functioning system in it and only exchanged the motherboard.
I fitted the motherboard into the case, placed the CPU in, connected the power sw and the connected both the 12V and mainboard power to the motherboard.
I did not install the ram or any other components as I was testing the motherboard first.
I have tried 3 different PS and all have the same result.
The motherboard just wont power up!! I've tried everything that I can think of, but am now at a loss.

Any suggestions would be grately appreciated.
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Post the rest of the specs.

PSU brand/wattage

Check all stand-offs to make sure installed may be shorting with case.

Will the system boot outside the case? (instructions below)

How to Bench Test Your System
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Here's the specs:
CPU: SL6SH 2.40ghz/512/533 [was working in one of my other systems]
RAM: 256MB DDR333 [was not installed while I was testing]
GPU: on board graphics. Have not tried any in the PCI or AGP though.
PSU: Power 650. Intel AMD P4-C650

All these components worked fine with my Intel D865GLC motherboard, but for some reason, the PM8M-VH just wont power on.
I have just attempted the 'Bench Test' and it still does the same thing.
When I listened closely, I noticed the PSU making a 'click', when I turned it on or off. I plugged in another PSU and it did the same thing.

I have tried a number of PSUs' and even tried my 2.66ghz CPU, but nothing changes the outcome.
I think that I have received a 'Failed' motherboard.
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