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New Memory problem

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Hi ,

I have a Dell Dimension 9100 XP sp2. 2x 512k Samsung RAM. Until recently very reliable machine. Earlier this week suddenly one stick of RAM stopped working for no apparent reason but once I reseated it, it worked fine again.... this may or may not be relevant to my problem.

Since then I tried to upgrade my RAM by adding 2X Corsair VS1GB667D2 1GB PC-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 RAM, sticks. I replaced the old RAM with these. ie in slots 1 & 2 then placed the old RAM in slots 3 & 4.

Variously this caused the computer to beep and not boot at all, to boot far enough for me to get into BIOS and read that ALL the RAM was installed, and once even a hint of Windows before BSOD.

I removed the old RAM and managed to boot into windows more reliabley (after a couple of goes) but the system was very unstable with BSOD crashing the computer before windows laoded all startup programs and then sometimes all was good (and quick too) but then it unpredicatably would throw up BSOD in the middle of work!... I can't work like this so I have gone back to my original RAM config. New RAM sitting in a box, but at least I can work reliably without BSOD eating up my work.

I would love to be able to use ALL 3gb of RAM but would be happy to discard the old RAM and just run the new 2GBs. Is there any hope!?

Thanks in advance

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try the ram in slots 1 and 3 and 2 and 4
Thanks Dai but didn;t seem to make any difference

just put one of the new sticks in the slot closest to the cpu
reset the cmos
turn the computer off
remove the power lead from the back
take the side off
remove the cmos battery
move the cmos jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pin 2 and 3 and the back to pins 1 and 2
replace the battery
put the side on
replug in the power lead
boot the computer
and see if it boots ok
if it does then add the second stick
check the voltage range for the new ram you may need to ajust it in the bios as the
m/b may default to the wrong voltage
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Thanks dai,

Will give this a go but will need a couple of days to safely finish some work before I risk this.

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