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New Laptop..Choices Choices

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Hello TSF,

So yea, like the title says, i am in the market for a new lappy.

Problem is, all the choices get my head spinning when i start browsing.

1.Budget: say 1300$(tho would like to keep it 1k or under)

2.Screen: nothing smaller then 15" and no larger then 17.3"

3.Brands: any, tho i must say i am a bit apprehensive about non box brands.

4.Mobility: non issue, i have power ports everywhere i go.

5.Durability: would love to get a couple years use out of it,no hiking w/ it tho

6.Multitasking: Game,Browser,Media Player,Note Pad, is common for me

7.Gaming: yes,Skyrim for example,perhaps a mmo or two

8.Calculations:not really anything beyond file compression/formatting


10.Optical: yes,DVD Combo

11.O.S: Win7

The issue i been getting stuck on the most is the vid card..
Turns out i don't know jack about mobile cards,1Gb-3Gb ATI vs.Nvidia..
What to get to be future proof for next couple yrs..

Thanks in advance
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Thanks Mastercheifxx7,

Had considered a configured XPS 15, but again was unsure about vid cards.

As far as brands go my 3-4 year old laptop is a HP Pavilion dv.still going strong minus few missing keys lolz.
Most of the desktops in my home are upgraded Dells, no issues w/ them either.

Sound: i could care less about the speakers as i use a very nice set of headphones.

RAM: 6GB would be plenty for what i do

HDD: 7500rpm or GTFO tho it will likely be replaced w/ a SSD at some point(been slapping them in every machine i's addictive boot speeds i think)

Is the 3D screens impressive? have a hard time picturing myself wearing the glasses lol.

Thanks again =)
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