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New Hitachi 7k200 Hard Drive Help!

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Im new to all this but in need of some help. I recently bought a new hard drive the Hitachi Travelstar 7k200 SATA 7200rpm with 200 GB 2.5" (I bought it based on the reviews I read here and on some other sites).

I installed it on my laptop (Fujitsu S Series S7020 running Windows XP Service Pack 3) but every time I boot up I get an "Error Loading Operating System."

I first tried Acronis True Image 11 to Clone my old hard drive (Samsung SpinPoint SATA 60 GB 2.5") to the new one. But got the same error. From what I've read in these forums it's supposed to be that easy, you clone the hard drive them put it in and boot up (according to the Acronis site too).

I then tried Cloning from the True Image boot rescue CD and nothing. I then tried the other Acronis program Easy Migrate from the boot rescue Cd and still nothing. Always get the same "Error Loading Operating System."

The really annoying thing is that in the BIOS it recognizes that the Hitachi is in my laptop but then cant past the error screen. I have wiped and formatted the new hard drive then cloned my old hard drive again. Also when I connect it via USB I can see that everything is cloned properly (at least according to size etc).

Really don't know what I'm doing wrong here. But it is becoming really annoying switching back and forth between the two hard drives just to get the same error message. When I put in my old hard drive everything boots just fine.

Some thing I should probably point out is that I do NOT have the original Windows CDs etc. No idea where they are I moved to a while back so they are probably in a box some where.

I have spent days searching the internet and forums for a solution but cant find one (or at least one that works) So I would be really grateful for any help, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm willing to try it.

I only have a few days left on the return policy and I got a lot of college fees to pay off so €120 is expensive for me, I guess if I can't get it to work it will have to go back.

Thanks in advance:pray:
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Try repairing the boot loader:

Start the computer with the Windows CD.
At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to select the repair option.
You will have to enter the Administrator password - if none, just press <Enter>.
The Windows installation will be detected - usually called "1" >> select that.
In the recovery console - type bootcfg /rebuild > press <Enter>.
The drive will be scanned and you will be asked to:
Add installation to boot list? Press Y.
Next prompt: Enter Load Identifier: > type Windows XP > press <Enter>.
Another prompt: Enter OS Load options: > type /fastdetect > press <Enter>.
Take the Windows disc out.
Type Exit > press <Enter>.
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