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New heatsink/fan - how long of a "break in" do you guys give?

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Hi guys.

AMD 64-bit X2 5400...

Just bought an Artic Freezer 64 today, and put it on.. there was a little coolant residue on the CPU - but I didn't figure it was enough to bother.. but now I may be thinking twice..

On the stock heat sink, I was running about 39C idle.. 52c gaming..

It's been on all of 30 mintues, and the temperatures are.. 44-47c (moves A LOT - it didn't switch this much on the stock heatsink) to 55 just adding songs to my iTunes.. I'd be afraid to play games to be honest.

How long of a break in period do you guys allow for a new heatsink? I know some people say there's a "break in" period before the gel between the heat sink and the processor form..
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Doubt it has anything to do with breakin, its either the heatsink is not installed properly or the thermal paste.

Clean the old paste using Isopropyl alcohol from both the cpu and the heatsink and reapply new artic silver5 following the instructions on their website

Typically when the temps jump around alot the paste or heatsink are not installed correctly

Thanks for your reply.

I have taken the Heatsink off - cleaned both the CPU, and the heat sink - with alcohol, and a coffee filter(Tip off of artic's website)

Both are crisp and clean. Applied 2 SMALL "rice" sized blotches. Rotated the heat sink around a littel bit like it said in the directions.

Tightened the heatsink on.. turned on the CPU. And You can see my averages. I'm STILL not pleased. My stock heatsink was 36-38C idle - 52C if I played a game. I'm going to play a light game such as CS2, see how the temperatures go.

Any idea? :4-dontkno


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