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hi all,

first post, hope this makes sense/is in the right place, etc

so, i have a nice new hard drive to replace my current one (i dont have enough power cables to use both)

i installed it as instructed and began installing windows 2000... which seemed to go ok

the first thing i wanted to do was get the windows updates, but they simply will not install. i started by trying service pack 2, so that i could download the patch for that stupid virus... it gets to about 50% and then hits me with "the server returned an unrecognised response" - it tells me to go to the miscrosoft website for instructions on installing the service pack without being online but i cant find these for the life of me - also on the new drive my connection will not stabilise. i have broadband and it uses correct connect to monitor the status... well on this drive its 90% of the time full of green ticks saying all is ok, but on the new drive its constantly red crosses so i cant even access sites, or if i'm lucky a page will load inside of 5 minutes...

so a friend sent me fixblast.exe from symantec to make sure the virus wasnt screwing things up, yet on running this it says the worm was not found on my computer

basically i'm at a loss as to what to do... any advice is much appreciated....

thanks in anticipation

on the old hard drive... which i'm using... there is a folder in winnt called "servicepackfiles"

theoretically could i copy this to disc and copy the files to the new drive?
i dont know, i'm clutching at straws...

or could i connect both drives using the power cable for the cd rom and copy things that way?
although i have no clue how to do that

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First off, the problem of running the two drives is easily solved, almost any computer store has "Y" cables for power cables.

The ServicePackFiles directory is the backup from installed service packs, not the files to install a service pack.
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