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New Hard Drive Disabled

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My hard drive went out so I bought a new one from E Bay.I started installing Vista as it said to do on the Microsoft help site. Now i can't do anything because my Hard Drive diabled and I don't know how or why.
HELP please.

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Did you buy a new HDD or is there a chance something was already on it?
It was blank and new.
what is telling you the drive is "disabled"?
it's a Western Digital SATA 250 gb.
when i try to install vista it says no drive. I hit f2 and looked and it says disabled.
when i go into bios setup utility it sya SATA0 not recognized also
Any chance originally it was just the cable and not the HD. If you're still using the same cable, swap it out. Also, I don't know the jumper settings for your SATA, but wrong ones could cause the problem.
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