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New Hard Drive Causing Trouble?

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I just installed my grandma's old computer's hard drive into my computer. When I changed the boor order to boot from the hard drive, the computer just kept starting and restarting itself. It would get past the BIOS screen, then go blank and do it over again. Now when I try to boot from my own HDD, it just freezes at the attached screen. It's like a blank command prompt. Anyone know what I should do?


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Disconnect the added hard drive and reset BIOS setting back to default.

Check the hard drive boot priority and make sure that the correct drive is listed.

Are you trying to recover files from the added hard drive?
I disconnected the hard drive and changed the boot order back to normal. However, now its stuck at the same screen.

I added the HDD to use as a main HDD replacing the old one. I got my computer from my church, and the HDD is only 70GB. The new one is 160GB. I put Ubuntu on the old one and Vista is already on the new one.

I was going to put in the new one as an alternative to partitioning the old one.
Did you install Vista on the new HDD or was it already on the drive? If it was already on the drive, that won't work. If the Vista installation was already on the HDD, then it has the hardware information and drivers from the PC in which it was installed (which obviously doesn't match your PC). You would need to format and reinstall an OS with the drive in your PC.
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