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New guy

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Hello, after going over the site, I must apologize for posting w/out
saying hello 1st, hi.

Im Nova, Field Service Technician/Analyst, drive alot, need to spend more time outdoors, need to put on more weight, probably from driving too much. Find a lot of these sites, but really liked this one, so I joined.

NE Ohio, nearing the end of present 3 tear contract, did I say tear? I meant year, although at times Ive wondered.

Looking for answers more than anything, but ifn thars enything ah cin do ta hep, lemmeno.

Thanks, Nova.
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Welcome Nova, glad to have you onboard !!!
Most likely you will get answers here and most likely they will help...and most likely you will have fun....whooo hooo !!!!

:D :D :D :D :winkgrin: :winkgrin: :winkgrin:
Welcome. I'm glad you like the site. We try to make it cozy for people. Hows life?
Nova, welcome to our humble abode known as TSF!

Come in the water is fine...:angel:
Welcome aboard! :wave:
Whoa, youse guys are from all over the place.
I'll bet the weather is better in your places than mine. Never liked Ohio anyway.
Hows life? Real life? Don't know, yet, work life? Just finished 3 year maintenence contract, have to go thru the whole process of finding a new situation. Since Ive always worked for contract co's, its difficult finding new ones. Theyre like this big secret thing that only the people that work for them know about, so Im searching for the elusive "new one".

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

Ha.. didn't think I was not going to say hi?? HELLO!!!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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