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New Graphic card suggestion

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My old graphic card is now toast and I need to find a new one. But, I don't want to totally overhaul my system, just add a reasonable card. I have an e4400 duo core processor and I'm looking to get either a gtx260 or a Radeon 4870. Which one you think is best?
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Brand & Model of your Mobo & PSU?
Those GPU's are about equal.
My specs are:

DG33FB Intel classic series motherboard
Antec sonata 3 case with 500w supply
Both are good cards. I upgraded from a 260 a couple weeks ago, but how much are you looking to spend? Those cards are a little old these days, and depending on the price, you can get a DX11 compatible card with similar or better performance for similar price.
We suggest a minimum 550W good quality PSU for any PCI-E GPU.
You will want a minimum 650W good quality PSU for either of those cards.
Antec PSU's are of questionable quality and that could have contributed to the failure of your GPU that failed.
Hmmmm, I see. Yea I can only spend around the 100$ range for now until I upgrade my whole system in 5 months. So I had just the graphic card in mind for an upgrade. But, maybe my psu is not good enough for the 260.

I'm not sure that the psu contributed to my 8600gts burn out though. It's a pretty week card and doesn't need a big psu. I had it for 3 years and when i over clocked it last month i got the blue screen of death and now it makes a buzzing sound and the screen is distorted, even after changing drivers and such.

Are you sure that I need to get a 650w for those cards? I looked at the requirements and it says a 500w for the 260. If you are right can you recommend a different card that requires less power?
You need to add 30% to the manufacturer's suggested power requirements to be certain the PSU will sustain the needed power over time as the internals degrades.
500 + 30%= 650.
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