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New gfx card recomandation

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I need to run atleast bf2142 that would believe my most gfx intencfired game
Eny suggestions?
I had 2x6600GT was good in Sli but then they died after 1 year.... /cry
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about 200 a week
Im thinking about the 7950Gt or the 7900
yeah the 7900GT is hands down the best bang for you buck out there :)
If you can afford a 7950GT, you should look at the X1950XT, as that will easily beat the 7950GT
i used to think ati sucked too. i wouldnt even consider buying a ati ever. but i had to upgrade my crappy geforce 6200 256mb. so i went to a local best buy to see wat they had. they had a geforce 6200 256mb exactly like the one i bought for 130$. i knew that that card sucked and wasnt worth 130$. so right next to it was a radeon x1600pro 512mb for also 130$. i knew i didnt like the ati brand just because i was just used to nvidia. but i thought why not, if it sucks i can bring it back. so i took it home and poped it in my pc and the difference was night and day. i could now turn all the settings on all my games all the way up and the card never even flinched.

so basicaly im saying dont just skip out on ati because you never tried them.

ps. the ati demos im sad to say are better.:grin:
So Whats the differnce between an ATI and Nvidia? Is that like in compariasnt to Intel and AMD?
Intel alot faster = ATI
AMD= More hardcare gaming= AMd?
They are just two different companies like Intel and AMD. ATI is actually a subsidiary of AMD. ATI does things a little different then nVidia. ATI's higher end cards such as the X1950XT have less pipelines, but make up for it with more pixel shader processors. Also, ATI does multi-GPU differently. While nVidia uses SLI to link cards, while ATI uses Crossfire, which links the cards with a Y-cable (for the higher end X850, X1800, X1900, and X1950) between the two cards.

There are many arguments for and against each company. Right now, nVidia makes the only DX10 cards available (the 8800GTS and GTX), which are the best gaming GPUs out right now, but ATI's X1950 series of cards easily beat the 7900 and 7950 series of cards.

The X1950XT will probably be able to achieve a score of about 1000 points higher on 3Dmark06 than the 7950GT.
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