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New emachines laptop with xp but very low speaker sound?

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I bought a new emachines notebook and am very frustrated as there is hardly any sound, i have checked the volume and checked to see it is not muted plus checked the device manager and it says all the sound stuff is working ok??? cant even watch a youtube video without resting my ear on the notebook, does anyone know how to fix this or should i take it back? thanks.
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Go into your Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Check the settings there and look for something that might increase the volume. I can't say off the top of my head which setting you are looking for so you will need to look around and see what you can find. If you change any settings make a note of what you changed in case you need to change it back later.
Hi Elf, thanks for the reply. Ive gone into audio devices and looked at the system volume and its all on full, i cant figure it out? i only bought it today too:normal:
Still no joy. Ive checked all the sound devices and it says they are all working properly. It almost sounds like the sound is coming from headphones, like when someone is next to you wearing them you can hear it and its a tinny sound. I spoke to the electrical guy and he said i can just go back and exchange the notebook cause i have 28 days but thats a pain cause i have set up all my email accounts and work stuff so its a massive inconvinience:mad:
If you take it back it is very possible they would be able to fix it or at least tell you if it's fixable, and since it's still so new they would probably do it for free.
If you take it back it is very possible they would be able to fix it or at least tell you if it's fixable, and since it's still so new they would probably do it for free

Thanks Elf, i rang the emachines tech support number up and they told me a system restore would definately make the sound work, turns out they were wrong. It is under warranty but the guy said if it was a software problem they would charge me £70, i just laughed at him. What a potch for a brand new notebook:mad: I should of just took the first one they gave me but i asked them to swap it as the box was scratched and looked like it had been dropped:mad:
I forgot to say too that i found out today i can listen to sound with my headphones but its a bit crackly.
I have done an audio playback test on the microsoft site, it says it will fix any sound problems automatically, heres what it said after the test....

We detected some problems with your system and were able to successfully apply the fixes. However, our verification shows that the problem still exists. Click next for other options you can use to troubleshoot the problem.

Issues found...... Audio device isn't set to default................. Not fixed.

Before this it told me to select a new audio device but i only had the 1 option and that was the one already selected which is Realtek HD Audio output.

Really confused now :normal::4-dontkno
sounds like a faulty audio chip on the motherboard....if it is still new the store should replace it...
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