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New Computer, Rebooting Loop!

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I have just setup a computer for my wife but im having troubles that I just cant seem to get passed.

At first I had a big headache of a time trying to get winXPsp1 install to detect the 80g sata hard drive as I don't have access to a

floppy drive to install drivers. I ended up Slipstreaming the sata drivers into a new winXP CD and it did the trick.

But now another problem has come up! I install winXPsp1, get to the part where windows is about to boot for the first time, and the

system reboots, in a loop, every time. It dose
the same thing if I try to load in safe mode to (reboots after loading "Mup.sys"). I have formatted three times now and it dose the

same thing every time.

I tried going through bios and setting it up as "safe" as I can, disabling anything thats not needed and anything that might be a

problem, No luck. Tried removing everything not needed from the system (even the CDROM) no luck. Tried one stick of ram at a time in

different banks, again, No luck.

The system is not over-heating, it stays around 40c/105f. I have no reason to believe any of the parts are faulty. The stuff is not

100% new. The case/PSU, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard are new. The Mobo is about 2 months old. I got this from my brother and it was

working perfectly with the same
ram, CPU and Video Card that are in it now. The Hard Drive is 2 weeks old and I have been using it in my main system with no

problems at all.

I thought perhaps the new PSU (SHAW 500w) Might have been faulty but wouldn't that give more intermittent reboots?
Another thing I tried is putting my main PC's hard drive in it to see if it would boot but it dose the same thing, reboots just

before XP load screen.

This has really got me stumped. has anyone got a clue what the problem might be?

Oh almost forgot this is the setup:
Mobo - Asus A7V880
Ram - 2x 512 PC2700
Video - Geforce FX5200 (also tried a MX440)
HD - Barracuda 80g Sata (ST380817AS)
CPU - XP1800+
Case - SHAW with 500w PSU
Monitor - 17in IBM Monitor
Mouse - Gigabyte Mouse
Keyboard - Gigabyte Keyboard

Any Help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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did you format the h/d or just swap it from your system,which is a nono
also a quality p/s costs around us$100,so when you look at the what you paid for the case you will have a fair idea of the quality of the p/s
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