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Maxtor Hard Drive Problem

Hey, Just built my new computer and am now having trouble installing windows.

At first, I was having problems when I tried to install windows. It would check the components and then say "Starting Windows Install", then go to a blue error screen, saying something is wrong with the hard drive. I believe the cause of this was because the hard drive was not formatted, it had not come with a disc or anything to install drivers, so I hadn't thought of that. The hard drive is a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L250S0 250GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive, and at it says you must first install the drivers (MaxBlast 4)before you install windows. The only drivers for download though were floppy boot discs and a boot cd. For some reason the boot cd had absolutely no response, so I installed an old floppy drive and instead used that. Along with the windows cd in the optical drive for MS-DOS, the floppy worked and the drivers were installed on the hard drive. The last maxtor screen before I restarted said that it would now work and that all I had to do was remove floppy, insert cd and install windows.
Now though, when I do restart, the error occurs on the POST screen. It says Verifying DMI, then immediatly goes to "NTLDR Is Missing, Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart". I do have BIOS set to boot of a cd, but that doesn't seem to be happening. At the microsoft support website it says that NTLDR is the boot device, and if it is missing then the computer has nothing to boot off of. It says to put in the windows cd and then it will work. This is also referring to if you already have windows installed, saying nothing about if you dont. The disc definetly has NTLDR on it because that is really what it is, the Windows install disc. The optical drive is now just not being used to boot, though it is still recognized when I hit F4 during the start of POST to go to the RAID options.
I'm not sure what to do, but for some reason the computer is not booting off the cd.

It definetly has something to do with the hard drive because the NTLDR Is Missing didn't occure before I formatted the hard drive, it at least recognized the windows disc then.
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Watch the bottom of the screen when you power up with the BIOS set
to boot to the CDRom and the windows cd in the drive.
It will say:to boot from CD press any key.

Also check your motherboard manual for instructions on creating a
floppy with SATA drivers in case it didn't come with one.
When windows begins installing it will say:to load third party SCSI or RAID drivers press F6.
You will need to press F6 and have the floppy ready when it asks for it.
Yea, I installed the drivers like it said to on the Maxtor site, but now that I installed them I can't even load the cd. I boot with the cd in the drive, but it just says "NTLDR Is Missing". I can't get it to recognize the windows disc (as it did before I installed the drivers).
Welcome to TSF:

Is the sata drive contoller set to "enhanced mode" or some similar feature in the bios that activates the sata controller so the windows cd sees the contents of the sata drive / which has the beginings of the set-up files on it ??????

you will need to check your boot order and watch your bios start-up screen to make sure you see your new drive properly identified and size reported after the cd-rom drive ??????? is this happening????
I am unfamilar with the Maxblast software / but does it address the 137 gig windows limitation ???????

if not you may need to slip stream service pack 2 to your Win XP install CD with the help of a recording CD program like Roxio or Nero or EZ CD Creator

here is a link for the how and why's of slipstreaming / but the autostreamer below does it much easier than this article !!

here is the link for an slipstreamer prog (autostreamer)/ its damn easy just review the "screenshots"

go here to get Win XP service pack 2 / towards bottom of the page you will see "multiple computers installation) you will need to download from that link to get SP-2 to download to a folder / otherwise if you use the regularawindows update version the SP-2 files will automatically intergrate
into your windows OS system files and thus will not be available to access during the slipstream process / when you select the download files from the "multiple computers link" make a folder in you C drive called SP-2

of course you are going to have to do this from another computer other than the one that wont load windows / the other computer will need a CD burner


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Disregard the slipstreaming process Maxblast adresses that :)

however: MAXBLAST does not install the Sat drivers to activate your Sata Controller / those come from your mobo maker / review your mobo manual

its your drive configurations that are holding you up at present / read the manual on how to det-up your sata controller and drives

you must see the hard drive in the bios / by make, model and drive size and see the drive described properly in the boot order of the bios !!!!


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