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New CDROM drive doesn't like me.

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I have recently bought a Asus CRW-5232A3 CD-RW and plugged it all in properly. However, a problem occurs when i boot up the computer -

The bios can detect it fine. As it gets to just before loading up Windows, the IDE activity light, on my case, comes on and stays on. The computer then pauses for about a minute on a black screen before continuing to bring up the XP loading progress bar. That then starts to have random slowdowns which continue until I get fed up of waiting for it to load and reboot/turn off.

This is the second one of these CD-ROMs I have had as I sent the original one back with the same problems.

I presume that it isn't the drives' fault as I have two 160gb Samsung sata drives in a none raid setup, which when both unplugged, I can boot off a cdrom in the drive.

I don't particularly understand why this is happening as I have had this system for about a year and a half with both the satas connected and two other cdroms installed. Which, actually, never made the IDE activity light come on at all. However, a sign that something else maybe wrong comes from the fact the other cdrom drives both seem to have failed at the same time (intermittent function).

Hope that comes across ok!

My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.0ghz)
Asus KV8 SE Deluxe Motherboard
Samsung 160gb Sata Hdds (proper names I cant remember atm)

Anything else please ask.


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welcome to tsf
what were the original rom's jumpered as?
and how are the new rom's jumpered?

post back
Cheers. :cool:

Original were jumpered master/slave as per usual.

I only have a single drive this time and it is set as master.

I never can remember if it makes that much of a difference if the drive is on the first or second port of the eide cable so I have tried both.


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Fixed it!

It was indeed to do with the jumpers. It seems that because there was only one drive and it was set as master, my computer didn't like it.

blooody jumpers.... :heartlove :laugh:


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